Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Projects 101- Glorified bedazzling

Here are some SIMPLE projects that I've done utilizing everyday things that I already had laying around. They may not be profound or change the world but being creative makes my heart happy!  

This project started with a broken bracelet that I had in my junk drawer.

I found an old pair of shoes and decided to do some glorified bedazzling
(after washing off the toothpaste and makeup that had accumulated on the jewels. 
What? You don't have a junk drawer in your bathroom?)

Following a failed attempt with a glue gun, I added some
hardcore gorilla glue
Centered the jewel and held in place for 30 seconds 
And Voila!
My shoes are now revamped without spending a penny. 
Next, I strung one of the extra jewels with some black ribbon 
which I found in a box from 2004. Literally. Seriously. From 2004. 
That's what a garage is for!
 In the end, I got a necklace out of the project AND shoes that I will actually wear. Why not right? As long as I don't start stringing macaroni and calling it a project I think that my dignity is in tact =)