Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nerdy father's day gift: Edible tackle box

How many ties, shavers, gift cards, & shirts can you buy before feeling like you are getting the same thing over and over for your dad? After all, I am a daddy's girl. Like pretending to love football and even memorizing the stats of players to feel closer to him as a kiddo and going out of my way to "HELP" him. Although somehow that always got me into trouble....like the time I cleaned out his oil pan to "help" and he was mortified to find his little girl covered in car oil. But I did have that pan spick-and-span let me tell you LOL. Or how about the time I tried to defrost a can of olives (who puts olives in the freezer anyway) and blew up the microwave. Hey I was just a kid TRYING to help and it was out of love right?

Some of my FAVE memories are being on the docks fishing together. Most of the time it was just me and him doing the fishing as it was not my mom or sister's thing which meant more time for just the two of us. Since he has started up fishing again (and that is the plan for father's day) we made him an "edible tackle box" for a small gift.
You can use a real tackle box or a craft organizer like this one that was re purposed. Whatever is clever. 
The funnest part was filling it with goodies (all found at the dollar store of course) to which my girls GLADLY ate a boat load helped fill the box with "bait" for fishing:
To personalize it further and create a label, I modpodged some pretty paper along with a heartfelt quote:
The kids can't wait to give it to him & I am looking forward to honoring him on Father's day and catching some REAL fish!


  1. I love this idea- but even more than the super cool tackle box I love the little saying on it. Blesses my heart!

  2. Its adorable and got a little teary from the note. So sweet!

  3. I love your blog idea - super cool. So sweet!
    God Bless you!
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    Greetings from VENEZUELA!!!!!

  4. Love this idea! I will be borrowing it and can't wait for the outcome! Thank you.

  5. Thank you Mel! It's a lot of fun to make! Have a great Father's Day