Thursday, September 6, 2012

Magic in a bottle

Two things are deemed to be magic on our little karraker household: "magic lotion" & "magic spray". It all started a few years back when our oldest daughter started waking up in the middle of the night with growing pains. She would cry and we would pray for her little legs and rub them until she fell back asleep. But she started to ask for medicine because they hurt so bad and instead we opted to rub lotion on the problem spot & it actually worked wonders. In her mind it helped so much it somehow it deemed the name "magic lotion".  I actually made her an official little tub of lotion to use now that she's older and if she wakes up with growing aches and pains to use on her own.

Tonight my back was hurting (how my back hurts so much at only 15 wks preggos I don't know) and she grabbed her magic lotion- rubbed it on my back and prayed for it. Yep. It was quite the moment that made my mommy heart smile.

The other household lifesaver is magic spray. It may be only water & detangler but to them it is pure gold. Before brushing tangles and knots out of the kidlets hair was a BIG deal to them and a major battle in the mornings. They fussed & cried & despised the process & thus so did their parents!
Meet Magic Spray

 Here is what you need:
Empty spray bottle
Bottle of detangler
Fine glitter
Bling*- beads, sequens etc
Letter decals/stickers

Fill the bottle half way with water and add your sequens, glitter, and beads. Next, top it off with detangler spray. You can use it fully concentrated but I find it to be too sticky in the girls hair. 

 What they were most excited about was being able to shake them up & watch all the glitter fall down. To be extra nerdy I added a special unique hidden "treasure" in each one that they look forward to finding every morning. It could be a small toy or in this case I used a small kitty bead. Pretty simple no?
Their little station is set up in their bathroom so it is all ready to go the night before. Can you believe they actually look forward to brushing their hair now?!
Let's face it everything sounds better with a little magic. Let's try it: "magic work". Ok maybe not.