Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fairy Garden Party

Here are some fun highlights from Ruby Rox's 4th birthday party!  Better late than never right?
We made scroll invitations with card stock and twine and Ruby was stoked on being able to hand them out by herself. It was a BIG deal in her world. Like "I'm almost a teenage because I get to hand out invitations by myself" big deal.
The part-ay started with the kiddos decorating wooden houses with markers.  The miniature vials of glitter were supposed to be for nail decorations but I knew that they were really meant to be pixie dust (and they were sold in packages of 8 for a buck)!!!! Some chose to sprinkle them over their fairy gardens when they were done, others chose to save them unopened.
Each kiddo then got a basket filled with soil and a cute plant to imagine up their own fairy garden...
 The craft table had everything from rocks to moss, to craft diamonds and jewels, and a welcome stone (thank you dollar store once again). The kids went for it and in no time each had a paper plate heaped up with supplies.
The "jewels" were quite the hit. Maybe because the girls said that they reminded them of the movie frozen?
How cute is this crew?
Even little sis Jasmine had fun and made her own garden (this pic was after shaking off ALL of the dirt she was covered in)! She got appointed as a guardian of their tiny village lol 
Ruby Rue- We love you so much, our passionate, spunky, heart overflowing girly girl! 

P.S. You are not allowed to grow any older