Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sailor Party

We planned this Sailor party for Jasmine's 1st bday long before she started staggering around the house looking like a drunken sailor, practicing her first steps. It started with an adorable sailor dress I found when she was just a few months old. How is that for being neurotic?

But it ended up just being perfect for her one year-old crazy cool, eating chunks out of toilet paper, best slobber kisses ever- self. 

For goodies and snacks, we went matchy matchy tongue-and-cheek-themed. Or what I would call pinteresty. Thank you oriental trading company!

For entertainment, we built a cardboard boat from gigantic fridge boxes for the kids to play in and filled the bottom with small plastic balls. Jasmine's own mini ball pit =)
They colored cloth sailor hats as well as the boat and their cardboard spyglasses (from paper towel rolls). Jasmine loved the boat and all of the balls so much so that we kept it in our living room for a few weeks!
Can you tell who is burnt out on pictures? Sorry Miss J!
Happy birthday little sailor. We love you so immensely and celebrate the miracle you are!