Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dude. It's an explosion of pink.

Pink. Ruby's is soooooooooooo in love with pink and it melts my mama heart because it's just so, well, GIRLY. For her big 3 yr old bday party (like weeks ago- or was it a month and a half ago?) we had to make sure it was extra girlified AND not too much effort to pull off with a newborn attached to my um...anyway....

I found these cute little gumball machines for only $0.50 right before valentines day! My kind of deal. The tags were easily covered with pink poster board that was glued on, along with a personalized note of pure awesome cheese: "Hope you have a ball! Love Ruby".  I couldn't help myself ha ha ha
They were the cutest party favors and fit into the theme=)
As far as entertainment, we came up with the idea of having a tattoo/earring station for the kiddos and I loved how entertaining and SIMPLE it was.
Pink buckets were filled with stick-on earrings (found both at target) & temporary tattoos (you can get a whole booklet of them from Old navy).
Ruby was our very first customer.
Getting her ears "pierced" & some the end of the party she had partial sleeves just like her daddy!
The kids also got a kick out of being able to draw on our chalkboard wall that we did last year, which is always a go to for entertainment. Admittedly, we have had to make a few apologies after friends have visited and their kids went home with the mindset that they could actually draw on other walls. Oops. Guess it comes with the territory.  It will still go down as one of my all time favorite projects that we've done and is great for rainy days (you can check out when we experimented with drawing with chalk under a black light here).
You can snag a small can of chalkboard paint at Home Depot for under fifteen bones and it goes a loooooonnnnngggg way. So if you've ever wondered about painting a wall- DO IT!  
Back to the party- for snacks we put out strips of seaweed (by request by our girls because they beg for it) & rice crackers with seaweed.
We also had pink lemonade and lychee drinks. All pink of course.
 And we couldn't forget octopus hotdogs!
Let's take a moment and reflect on these awesome pink and yellow plates from target because they are spiffy and you need to go get some. (Wait...that came out wrong. This is a family post afterall).
Our only splurge and Ruby's main gift from us was getting a cotton candy machine from our local party store for the day (they normally run around $35). It was sticky and fun! We actually had to have it in the backyard because all of the cotton candy was flying around and the machine was gigantic LOL
So worth the sugar rush!!!!
Just ask the birthday girl =)