Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun in the dark


I have to say this has been our favorite activity/discovery to date! John had recently purchased a black light for halloween and just happened to plug it in above our kitchen chalkboard and low and behold the chalk glowed!!!!!! The rest was a no brainer. We got out the chalk we had made (see link) prior and the girls went to town doing grafitti, all under the blacklight.


Next, we took the same black light fixture and using an extension cord, went around the house on a hunt to find things that would glow. Some things were truly fun and surprising to see transform like certain picture frames or toys and others were a little disturbing like the sinks in the bathroom! The simplist things are the most amusing to kids. They love to be little scientists and go on mini adventures and this let them do both.


Family dance parties are nearly a weekly must in our household. We play fun music and try to have a small supply of dollar store glowsticks tucked away for the fun occasion of doing the dance party in the dark.

Recently we found a new "game" by making shapes with the glowsticks. By placing the shutterspeed on our camera on a low setting, we were able to capture different designs. We didn't need a tripod for this but simply took the picture and within the time delay, drew different designs into the air. The kids were entertained for over an hour experimenting with different techniques to create these fun pics. Ok. We were ALL entertained!

"Everyone draw a heart!"
"Ready set go. Everyone draw a square! Triangle! Star!" It became sort of like simon says and our youngest had fun at attempting to draw the shapes too =)

Gotta love glowing rainbows!

Just wanted to share some family creativity in the dark!

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