Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Makeup Part 2: Powder

Ready for round two? First I tried homemade lip gloss which you can read about here . I really have been using it daily and would recommend it to anyone. Now onto making homemade makeup powder!!!
What's baffling to me is why I hadn't tried this sooner. Besides, the ingredients are straight out of the kitchen pantry!
Here's what you'll need:
* Baking Cocoa
* Cornstarch
* Cinnamon
* Empty plastic container (or re-use one from previous powder)
*NOTE: Cinnamon is optional. If your skin is naturally sensitive like mine, apply a small amount to the side of your hand, blend, and let sit for 24 hrs to ensure that you don't have a reaction before you mix it with other ingredients
The cocoa is naturally good for your skin on it's own. I used baking cocoa that was dutched which means it was treated with an alkalizing agent and is less acidic.

To make your powder first start with the cornstarch as your base then add cocoa and if desired cinnamon to get the right shade for your skin (I used both). Go a shade darker then your natural skin tone by adding a little bit of cocoa at a time.
Blend the ingredients together thoroughly and apply to your beautiful smiling faces daily! Because we are always beautiful and smiling right lol
 So proud of my miniature makeup collection. Feels good to do things on your own doesn't it?

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