Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Makeup: Part One

Making your own makeup is not a new concept but it was a major why- the-heck-not light bulb for me after seeing a similar idea from Miss Indie. Really though. Why not? Besides, I was one of those kids that took the liberty of mixing together everything I could get my hands on in the kitchen and then daring my sister to eat whatever nasty concoction I came up. Ketchup and pepper and fruit- nummmmm. So in a way I had experience being a creative mad scientist already right?

It really is SO easy to make. And it happens to be a sweet gift idea too. Here's what you'll need:
* Petroleum jelly
* Blush or eyeshadow
* Shimmer (optional)
* Empty round makeup container
* Vanilla extract, Jasmine extract, or Peppermint oil for fragrance (only add a drop)
Add your ingredients and then mix them together and your set! The more powder you use, the darker your final lip gloss will be. I used some old blush that had been broken and then ground it further into a fine powder and then added a very small amount of white fine shimmer.
 As far as the vanilla, the upside is that it smells amazing. The downside is, it makes me want to eat a tub of cookie dough every time I use it. Not so great lol  Lastly, I modpodged some pretty paper to the top of the container and I love how it turned out!
What do you think? Would you create your own makeup if it was easy and cost effective?

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