Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Parenting, BS, & Grace

Recently, I read a blog about no BS friendships and it rang so true to me. As women, as wives, as moms and whatever hats we may be wearing, we.... I ...don't have time for BS. On top of the PILES of daily to do's, we don't have time to care if our house is clean when a friend comes over (if we let a friend come over). It's not stuck-up to be hermits and have pj days with our children. To let them crawl out of bed with their Tina Turner hair and let them just BE without a clock around their neck and without a clock around ours. To be in the moment even if it means letting the house go for one more week day.
We may not call back right away. We read a text and forget to right back. We write "right" instead of "write". In certain seasons, we are so engulfed in schedule and life and at times just keeping afloat that we are too busy for cultivating deep relationships even if we do want them and that is O.K. We don't have time to care wether you think our child should not be eating mac and cheese for lunch for the zillionth time. We don't have time to compare as to why you look like you have it more together than we do or why seeing your well behaved children next to ours make our kids look like the purple minions from Despicable Me 2... so you must be a better mom right? Because bottom line- it's exhausting.

SOOOO sometimes social interaction throughout the cray cray, especially when we are raising awesome humans, may simply be "liking" the latest photo of you with a coffee cup in hand, celebrating with you a seemingly chill moment that you got to yourself (what the pic may not show is that you still have a small pint size human attached to your leg or calling in the background to help you wipe their tush). Regardless, somehow I feel connected to you and a part of what is going on in the grown-up world even if it is in fact through cyber space. 

Let's lavish each other with grace. Let's encourage each other rather than pretend that we don't have hard days too. If it's one thing I've figured out from being a mom of three is that it keeps me humbled. Whenever I think that I've got this parenting thing down and they are on a schedule and there are no power struggles and we went to the store five times in a row without someone saying "IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL"....well...very quickly, I'm humbled once again.