Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Duck tape charm

Let me start by saying that I'm ashamed that I stole borrowed this idea from a few 5th graders selling their crafty creations door to door and thought that it was ingenious and had to be done (after buying one of course- come on I'm not that lame). So off we went to get a few rolls of colorful duck tape to make a bazillion bows/barrettes. 

Here is a play by play:

My 6 yr old was soon on board making her own for her classmates and friends! We displayed the bows by pushing the bobby pins through card stock and gave them away as Christmas gifts.

Even baby Anaya was a fan of her petite little bows =)
Last but not least, I came up with some duck tape flowers that even I've been sporting.
Now when the girlies (or myself) lose them I don't feel too bad because you can make a bazillion more for only a few cents each. Pretty sweet!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Wall decal

SO excited to share about this project! Giddy excited. We are in the middle of transforming Nevaeh's room from a pink and green haven into a blue horse big girl room. This will probably be something we do a little at a time but that doesn't mean I couldn't get started. The main thing I wanted to get was a unicorn wall decal (my version of a horse) but was not going to pay almost 60 bones for. So I decided to make my own (it only cost $1.29)!
All you need is a black poster board and mod podge as the main material. 
Draw out your design, cut out each shape, and put a layer of mod podge on the backside. Once placed on the wall, cover each piece with a thin layer over the design to seal the decal and create a high gloss effect. The mod podge goes on white and then dries clear. Next, I cut fine strips and made stars for a final touch by repeating the same process.
The end 3-d effect looks better then a sticker decal AND it's something you can make on your own. Plus for a little over a buck it's my kind of project.

Monday, November 19, 2012

On the homefront

Family = unconditional love. Loving each other at our best and at our worst. With our warts and all. I find that home is our little haven where this happens a lot. We take down our guards and the masks come off. It's where we exchange our suits for pjs- figuratively and literally. And yes, sometimes we get whiny and throw tantrums (not just our two year old).

Our love is messy and real. In my world, I think playtime should be no different. There are epic successes and epic fails in trying new things as a family but when you find something that clicks with your brood it just makes it that much sweeter. You create your own traditions so to speak. Here is some of the craftiness that has been going on this fall in the Karraker abode:

*Building using cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes, hammers, nails, and screws and with supervision they "build" with daddy
* Watercolors in the bathtub: Nothing fancy just cheap washable watercolors instead of expensive bath paints! It cleans up soooo easy.
The girls also loved mixing different colors with shaving cream and painting with their concoction.
*Forts under the table: Mismatched blankets, a lantern, books, and goofiness required
I love the little feet that are peaking out from underneath the table  lol =)
 *Jumping on beds: Our bed, their bed, beds on the floor. All the time. Why not?
If it wasn't so blurry maybe you could see my big ol baby bump he he
*Paint by #'s: Nevaeh has incredible patience and this has been such a great craft for her. It has now morphed into almost a family puzzle of sorts as each of us have taken turns to paint with her a little bit at a time. Even grandma got to do some spots.

* Toddler go to activities: "cooking" with play dough
* Using tongs- I'm amazed at how entertaining this is for her!
*Coloring on butcher paper: on the walls, on the floors, with roads and cars. Geez I love butcher paper.
 * Pom pom activities- sorting & matching the colors into different containers
* Large beads on elastic

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get your felt on

It's insane how fast time is going (this coming from a preggo lady who is in denial about having baby #3 in just three months!!!!!) and I can't believe Thanksgiving is just next week! Which is another opportunity to practice thankfulness and of course nerdy craftiness.

Last Christmas, we decked the halls with felt christmas trees and let the kids decorate them to their hearts content. I've secretly been waiting all year to bust them out again. He He. It's suddo important to this mama that we teach our children the spirit of gratefulness not just on a holiday but what it looks like on a daily basis. For Thanksgiving, I really wanted to do another felt craft but also something that had some significance. Thus, the thankful turkey was born.

Meet Mr.Thankful Gobble Gobble
Get a variety of cheapo felt
Draw out your pattern & cut (or just eyeball it). Keep in mind that you will need a larger pattern that can be placed on the wall first so that the turkey body and feathers have something to stick to.
Have your child write down different things they are thankful for on each feather. I'm planning on having them add to their feathers yearly with different pens and perhaps smaller handwriting =)
 Ruby decorated/scribbled faces on a few of her own and Nevaeh jotted down some of her sister's ideas such as yo gabba gabba or "smiley faces".
Mount your larger piece on the wall (adhesive putty works the best) and let the kids go for it!

What I love about felt decorations is they can last forever. This nerd is going to have a tote full for every holiday. Better yet, I should just make a flannel worked in Sunday school right? lol I can see it now. Instead of Mary & Joseph, John will be showing the girls how to survive zombies with little figurines on the board!