Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nursery Reveal

It's time for the big before and after of our walk-in closet turned nursery!!!!!! I can't believe it's done and we pulled it off especially since we are having her in just a few days!

Let's start with the finished result...

Jasmine Star's little sanctuary
The frame was a $0.50 find that my mom got at an estate sale. We transformed it by spray painting the outer frame gold and then removed the glass. Next, we painted the cardboard with a few coats of chalkboard paint for her name.
I'm obsessed with these glass bulbs. They are intended for either candles or plants but you could fill them with really anything for decoration. I chose star garland and randomly twisted the wire within and then hung them from ceiling with fishing line. The plan is to put battery operated tea lights in each one. Perfect dim lighting for all of the late night feedings. 
 The owl lamp was from my bestie and her hubbie for Christmas that she spray painted gold to match the room. Do they know us or what?
This is a 1972 vintage toy record player. If you must was also my little splurge that added flare and quirkiness to the room.

 We transferred ALL of our many racks of clothes into this spiffy wardrobe organizer from IKEA. The left side is for all of my girliness as well as Jasmine's dresses & coats & the whole right side is the hubby's. Of course he has a tad bit more room then me lol I love that we can reuse it for years to come.
 We utilized the space on top of the wardrobe frame with magazine organizers and photo boxes. As you will see from the before pics we had ALOT of magazines and extra pics and memorabilia stacked on top of our clothe racks. The organizers were our solution to the clutter and a practical use of the space and now we know where everything is!
The bassinet is actually from when we were pregnant with our first daughter 7 years ago. I can't believe how fast the time flies! Plus it was still in great condition even after being used by at least six different families.
 This is by far my favorite section of the room and I'm loving how our homemade mobile turned out. To think that it was made from just a branch that John and I picked up from his parent's property and spray painted, fishing line, and cardboard birds painted blue makes it that much sweeter (and for only a buck). I can just picture her staring at it from her bassinet.

The lanterns were originally dark brass and were hand painted to match (they were a target bargain find!)
There you have it- our funky fun space for our newborn. We also tried to keep the decor something we could easily have as our own adult space/haven once she starts sharing a room with one of her older sisters when she outgrows the bassinet.

But the makeover wouldn't be complete without a glance into the BEFORE: 
Our crazy messy walk-in closet we started with:
Transformed into a nursery AND functional closet!

It's hard to believe that it's the same space! We are ready for you baby girl and are so excited to bring you home to your new little sanctuary =)