Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bento Friday

Tomorrow Jasmine will be 7 weeks (pics coming soon)!!!!! Where has the time gone? It's been amazing having time at home with the girls and even John had a few weeks off to celebrate as a family. One thing we started doing was adding some creativity to lunch time or should I say chef Johnny adding creativity by making each Friday into "Bento Friday" (Since it's spring break I can get away with posting this on a wednesday right?).

 This bento was a hit at school with Nevaeh and she was eager for the next Friday to see what we came up with. We came up with the bunny grape idea from the olive bunnies we did for easter last year! Aren't they cute?
The octopus's were made with hotdogs for the body, seaweed for the neck, sesame seed eyes and cheese noses. Toothpicks were placed in the center of each one to help them stand. These were so fun to eat!

Note: Add a little mayo to the surface of the hotdog so the eyes, nose, and seaweed will stick easily
To create the pink rice add beet juice to your cooked sushi rice. Ham was used for the ears, sesame seeds for the eyes, and cheese for the noses!
Trick: use a dried pasta noodle to hold together the different body parts on the egg to create the chick
Use a beet for the cute little bow
The possibilities are endless! It's cute to see how excited kids get over this stuff. Trust me when I say- lunch time will never be the same =)