Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday themed bentos

We love to add creativity to meals, especially bento time! Chef Johnny (a.k.a hubby) heads that department around here. Check out previous nummy posts here and here.
Halloween Bento
Mandarine orange pumpkin with seaweed face and a green bean for stem, sushi rolls with egg and veggies, and rice colored with carrots
Thanksgiving Themed
Rice Turkey: Seaweed eyes, cheese nose, apple skin gobble, pretzel legs, and candy corn feathers
Christmas Themed
Rice Snowman: Seeweed for buttons and face, pretzel arms, and gardetto's rye chip for hat
Rice Candy cane: seaweed for stripes
I should add, these are John's perfect versions (that man has a gift) and these are mama's ideas of fun kid food: pancakes with marshmallows and grapes! That's fancy right?