Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Duck tape charm

Let me start by saying that I'm ashamed that I stole borrowed this idea from a few 5th graders selling their crafty creations door to door and thought that it was ingenious and had to be done (after buying one of course- come on I'm not that lame). So off we went to get a few rolls of colorful duck tape to make a bazillion bows/barrettes. 

Here is a play by play:

My 6 yr old was soon on board making her own for her classmates and friends! We displayed the bows by pushing the bobby pins through card stock and gave them away as Christmas gifts.

Even baby Anaya was a fan of her petite little bows =)
Last but not least, I came up with some duck tape flowers that even I've been sporting.
Now when the girlies (or myself) lose them I don't feel too bad because you can make a bazillion more for only a few cents each. Pretty sweet!