Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get your felt on

It's insane how fast time is going (this coming from a preggo lady who is in denial about having baby #3 in just three months!!!!!) and I can't believe Thanksgiving is just next week! Which is another opportunity to practice thankfulness and of course nerdy craftiness.

Last Christmas, we decked the halls with felt christmas trees and let the kids decorate them to their hearts content. I've secretly been waiting all year to bust them out again. He He. It's suddo important to this mama that we teach our children the spirit of gratefulness not just on a holiday but what it looks like on a daily basis. For Thanksgiving, I really wanted to do another felt craft but also something that had some significance. Thus, the thankful turkey was born.

Meet Mr.Thankful Gobble Gobble
Get a variety of cheapo felt
Draw out your pattern & cut (or just eyeball it). Keep in mind that you will need a larger pattern that can be placed on the wall first so that the turkey body and feathers have something to stick to.
Have your child write down different things they are thankful for on each feather. I'm planning on having them add to their feathers yearly with different pens and perhaps smaller handwriting =)
 Ruby decorated/scribbled faces on a few of her own and Nevaeh jotted down some of her sister's ideas such as yo gabba gabba or "smiley faces".
Mount your larger piece on the wall (adhesive putty works the best) and let the kids go for it!

What I love about felt decorations is they can last forever. This nerd is going to have a tote full for every holiday. Better yet, I should just make a flannel worked in Sunday school right? lol I can see it now. Instead of Mary & Joseph, John will be showing the girls how to survive zombies with little figurines on the board!

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