Monday, November 19, 2012

On the homefront

Family = unconditional love. Loving each other at our best and at our worst. With our warts and all. I find that home is our little haven where this happens a lot. We take down our guards and the masks come off. It's where we exchange our suits for pjs- figuratively and literally. And yes, sometimes we get whiny and throw tantrums (not just our two year old).

Our love is messy and real. In my world, I think playtime should be no different. There are epic successes and epic fails in trying new things as a family but when you find something that clicks with your brood it just makes it that much sweeter. You create your own traditions so to speak. Here is some of the craftiness that has been going on this fall in the Karraker abode:

*Building using cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes, hammers, nails, and screws and with supervision they "build" with daddy
* Watercolors in the bathtub: Nothing fancy just cheap washable watercolors instead of expensive bath paints! It cleans up soooo easy.
The girls also loved mixing different colors with shaving cream and painting with their concoction.
*Forts under the table: Mismatched blankets, a lantern, books, and goofiness required
I love the little feet that are peaking out from underneath the table  lol =)
 *Jumping on beds: Our bed, their bed, beds on the floor. All the time. Why not?
If it wasn't so blurry maybe you could see my big ol baby bump he he
*Paint by #'s: Nevaeh has incredible patience and this has been such a great craft for her. It has now morphed into almost a family puzzle of sorts as each of us have taken turns to paint with her a little bit at a time. Even grandma got to do some spots.

* Toddler go to activities: "cooking" with play dough
* Using tongs- I'm amazed at how entertaining this is for her!
*Coloring on butcher paper: on the walls, on the floors, with roads and cars. Geez I love butcher paper.
 * Pom pom activities- sorting & matching the colors into different containers
* Large beads on elastic

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