Monday, December 26, 2011

Deck The Halls

It's on. The countdown for Christmas is here. And tis is the season for ugly sweater parties like the one we had last night!
We still have plenty of spiked eggnog left over which my husband (and my nerdy sweater muse) gleefully dumped in enough rum to satisfy a pirate but hey it was splendid. Of course the highlight was spending time with other families and seeing all of the kids play under one roof and have a blast. At least I hope they did!

 Here's what we did to keep all ten munchkins entertained....yes 10!
I saw the idea of decorating felt trees on pinterest and thought that it was super simple and clever. First, I cut out ornaments, garland, and stars out of felt so each child had their own bag full of decorations including a trunk for their tree.
We let our girls have at it the night before and it definitely passed the test! 
They loved it!
Next, we lined the halls with trees for the party. . . I have to say I'm digging the one that ended up with three trunks. Quite the joint effort!
 For the older kids, we wanted to have an activity of some sort upstairs.  
So, we let them color on the wall.
We lined the wall with easel paper and used our leftover painting tape to make sure it stayed put and gave them plenty of washable markers.  
 For such a simple project this actually proved to be REALLY entertaining. Today, Ruby was even more ecstatic to be able to scribble on the paper. . .
But don't take my word for it!
Projects in the hallway. I think I'm onto something. . .


  1. oh my goodness- so smart. And Ruby is too cute. I can't look at her without smiling : )

  2. Love it! Such good ideas! Your kids are very cute.