Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Projects 101- Salt on a slug

It started with a table and chairs that I wanted to incorporate in Ruby's room and create a little coloring/craft area. I wish I could say that all of my ideas come to fruition right away but they do not. Because of the fact that my nature- to the core of me shouts "ALL OR NOTHING", the in-between or rough draft phases are equivalent to putting salt on a slug (it's not a pretty sight). So when I have an elaborate idea, I want to make it happen all at once. Hmmmm doing projects when you have two little ones is NOT that way. Maybe someday I will actually learn this, remember this, AND embrace this fact.
Before in my homely garage
So it's no surprise that this table/ nook took me a few weeks and a few tears. Yep. Tears. See when my pretty little table was finally complete after spray painting it several times I finished it of with a protective spray that was supposed to add coat to preserve it disintegrated the paint. My loving hubby then stripped the rest of the table for me and I got to redo my weeks worth of work.

But I can say the final result was worth it. I rearranged her room and added a little station for her and she loves it!

 My favorite part is the magnetic strip we put up for her markers. I used old soup cans and covered them with fabric to vamp it up. It's hung low enough she can take them on and off herself.
Here's how to make these nifty holders...

STEP 1: Add magnetic strip vertically
and reinforce with superglue


  STEP 2: Cut your fabric in a rectangle (make sure it's long enough to fold into the inside of the can) and sew the edges

STEP 3: Mod Podge your fabric
onto the can and press

STEP 4: Add a coat of 
Mod Podge over 
the fabric and let dry!

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