Saturday, December 3, 2011

Projects 101...Sake anyone?

Ok. I lied. There's not a drop of sake left but I promise we enjoyed it for you! When I think of sake I think of many nights of amazing conversation over sushi and unforgettably when we took our daughter Nevaeh to our fave Japanese restaurant for her first solid foods as a baby which involved a california roll, noodles, and a traditional bowl of miso soup. Perhaps this is the one area as parents I feel we are doing right- introducing our little ones to different foods and cultures. In turn, they have acquired quite the palate and will chomp on sheets of sea weed for a snack or try anything from duck to chicken feet (as Nev calls "paws" ) or other unique delicacies often from a dim sum house. Notice I haven't discussed table manners which do not apply to our 20 month old!

But back to Sake. Even if you are not a fan like I had been- keep reading with an open mind. Surprisingly, Sake has a variety of flavors and boldness that even a wine snob like myself can't deny. The real moment for me was at Sakeone's tasting room in Forest Grove, Oregon. 

We first went there on a whim and I was honestly just there for the intriguing tour they offered as a sneak peak into how it was actually made other then the failed attempts in my kitchen (fermenting rice is quite an odd household smell). In my firm opinion, I thought Sake's all tasted the same. But after tasting their Momokawa Asian Pear Sake, I am now a believer.

 I'd like to think that we are connoisseurs and not merely lushes but we definitely have had had our share of samples. So to pay homage to my sake memories, I decided to show you what I've done with the bottles throughout the years....

What You'll Need:  Empty bottle, Paint, Mod Podge, & Scraps
For inspirational scraps I cut out pictures from a Japanese Bargain book and paper I had previously stamped
After painting the bottle and letting it dry, modpodge the scrap/s on 
*Note: when applying the layer of mod podge over the scrap, it will go on completely
white but rest assured, it will dry clear


 So share your heart over some sake. If you still end up not liking it at least you now know what to do with the bottle!

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