Thursday, December 1, 2011

Projects 101- The Chuck Norris Project

 This. This is my husband.
His "project" was participating in no shave November.

I personally LOVED my hubby's new look but beings that today is the first day of December there is now no scruff and his face is as smooth as, well, you know. Others however, were not as big as fans and either thought he looked like a japanese santa clause (compliments of our close friend D) or asked "Is that all you grew?". Naturally, my husband is already planning for next years ventures in thickening a beard so that it looks more like Chuck Norris rather then Johnny ye old Depp. Like the sensitive women I am, I assured him that he is WAY cooler then Chuck even IF "his facial hair is known to cut diamonds"....and then I did what any women would do....I blogged about it.
As far as my personal ongoing projects (which thankfully has nothing to do with facial hair)- this one was way more sinch then I thought it would be. We have an overflow of magazines and rather then driving up to IKEA and get another magazine holder/organizer, I decided to make my own using a cereal box.
 Initially, I cut off the opening flaps of the box.                     
In lieu of measuring, (I never formally measure anything unless it's my daughters' height) I used a piece of paper as a straight edge and a permanent marker to draw a line from the top corner to the opposite side close to the center and then cut accordingly.
         I finished by spray painting it silver- along with the cement in our backyard (sorry honey). If you don't have spray paint, you could just as easily cover it with fabric or regular paint.                                    
And the final product....

Which fits right in =)