Sunday, November 27, 2011


Do It Yourself. It was just this year that I was actually aware of what DIY stood for. Yep. I'm a genius. It's just that the trendy acronym irritated me just enough that I refused to even let myself want to know what it stood for.  Stubborn I know. Kind of like when I wouldn't let my husband tell me his last name as I had always known him as "John from Scio" for all of our childhood. It wasn't until we were actually engaged that I finally caved in and found out what my last name was going to be which for the record was a lot longer then my maiden name as a Davis. But as far as abbreviations there are just too many to keep up with that are equally as annoying as DIY such as MIL and DIL or the famous LOL which I overuse and abuse as much as my dish sponge which should have been replaced months ago. I use LOL in lieu of an exclamation point or saying something that I shouldn't say like #$%@. But back to DIY or A.K.A "Do It Yourself". The world of pinterest has converted me and I am now a believer of becoming easily inspired by things like 50 ways that you can transform the use of a household item such as a pencil or how to "put a bird on it" and make it into a beacon of light or more simply something beautiful and useful and transformed. Or how to make an old sweater into a dress which I did in the picture below for my 5 yr old's daddy date. I actually love transforming the obvious into something unique and I find that my house is no exception but in fact IS our canvas. It is the means by which we express ourselves and is my huge fat project and I will be sharing those projects....WHEN the house is clean lol (see how easy it was to use that!).

As far as the everyday transformations, I am currently spray painting a table, making a bottom kitchen cabinet into dog bed (the girls' christmas present is a puppy because we are absolutely awesome and more adequately put- insane), converting my daughter's closet into a reading nook, and scheming what my laundry room is going to look like (which if you have seen any of my pinterest boards could already guess that it will be gray and yellow). Not to mention my plans on converting our walk in closet into a nursery for our future unborn third child. But hey. I admit it. I am very much inspired and as cliche as it may be, I encourage you to DIY as well.


  1. It turned out so awesome! and Nev is a great little model for you DIY ;) projects.

  2. Instead of using LOL I totally overuse the : ), I say we just embrace it!

    So since I stink at sewing, I need your help at making some sweater pillows. I got inspired but need help making it happen.