Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let's be real.

I am a mom. I started out my very first blog with that statement for one reason and one reason is the core of who I am at this season in my life. My other hats include being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a friend, and working as a hearing specialist full time. I try to live life fully and passionately. Wholeheartedly. But I am the first one to gladly admit that I do not have it all together. Even half the time. Well even most the time. I know it's a shocker huh? Let's be real. As a mom, my idea of shaving is only if I HAVE to and finding time to take showers means being completely stoked with being able to wash my hair weekly. Weekly. Yes I shoot for more then twice a week but I will take what I can get! My idea of organizing is when I can't shove any more into my closets. My idea of exercise is playing tag with my two little girls. I have not seen the walls of a gym to work out in over five years when I was pregnant with my first daughter when she was just the size of a pinto bean (hence why my husband referred to her as our little "pinto"). I had this idea of what a mom should be and finding time to work out seemed to put me one step closer to the mom I pictured that I wanted to be. You know, the one who appeared to have it together. But that's for a whole other blog! Now, my idea of a gym is my back yard. My idea of cooking is a meal that takes less then 20 minutes. My idea of cleaning my laundry room means picking the clean clothes off the floor and fitting as many as possible in the dryer rather then putting them away for a few days....ok, maybe a lot longer then that.

I am completely OK with the fact that my husband can cook me under the table any day OR somehow make the bathroom sparkle by a flip of a wrist OR the fact that he actually DOES CARE if the bathroom sparkles or the blinds are dust free (which they are not nor will be for the duration of what would be equivalent to a years worth of blogs). I know who I am and I know what I am good at and what I am not. The cleaning, the cooking, the allowing myself to take a shower or shave not one but two legs is something I have to work at because it is not what I find as my first priority. But something that comes very naturally to me is being creative. Is seeing the beauty within the chaos (which is what I define being a family: beautiful chaos).  Is taking inspiration and doing something about it. These; these are things that come much easier to me and is where I feel the most alive- when I am creating. And hopefully in this chapter in my life, when I am sharing that creativity with you.

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  1. Yes at some point our hubbies start creating special occasions just in hopes we will shave to wear a dress. Hehe. It's hard to shave when you're sharing a shower with a little one!