Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes. I have hearing aids.

So here is a curve ball. . . not all of my posts are projects. Thank God =) Some are tidbits of love and life and just being real. Call it glorified journaling. Or in this case sharing a part of me that I don't often share. I have hearing aids.

Before kids. Before a career as a hearing specialist. . . I started working as a telemarketer/receptionist for a hearing aid office and was planning on working there just short term. But when my hearing was tested, I was told that I had a  sensorineural hearing loss (nerve damage in the cochlea/inner ear) that required hearing aids. I had what we call a "cookie-bite" hearing loss. It's as if cookie monster ate the mid frequencies of my hearing and left me with that of a 70 year olds. Needless to say it was NOT the outcome that I expected. But that outcome changed my life.

After I wrestled with my own vanity and overcame the stereotype that comes with it - I was fit with hearing aids. Most importantly, I knew I wanted to help others make the same incredibly beautiful yet awkward transition into better hearing. The truth is, if I didn't have hearing loss, I'm convinced I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. So there you go. You never know how God can use something in your life!


  1. 2 posts in two days- impressive. I like the new font BTW : )

  2. Beautiful thoughts. The true nature of God. Look forward to reading more. Keep the words coming. John Doyle

  3. So true. We never know. I don't think you would be respected as much as a hearing specialist if you didn't have hearing aids due to you being so young. I am glad that you could overcome a big challenge that life threw at you and turned it into a positive to help others.