Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It

It's insane how stoked I am over this transformation of our kitchen pantry. Afterall, it is JUST a pantry but I'm in love and am in awe at the fact that I totally went against the grain of meishness (best bff word ever) and ORGANIZED =) You see as women, we always compare ourselves. It's funny that the older you get the more you care about things like the shape of your lawn or how everyone elses house appears more in order or their kids look more well behaved or how other mom's appear effortlessly chic when here you did your makeup on the way to work in the car with your one shaved leg or in this case how others have time to organize and clean their closets lol It's silly. It's petty. But the truth is deep down we do care. I do and it would be easier if I didn't! Anyhoo, about the pantry. After taking a before picture, I instantly became motivated to pretty up my neglected shelves and make the time to fake some organizing.


Who knew a pantry could make me squeal! I'm not going to lie- it was a process getting there. First, I got black thick liner and cut it to fit the shelves so containers would stay upright rather then topple over between the grooves like they had been. Duh. Suprisingly, it was the least time consuming part.

Next came organizers. Seriously dig em. I got them all from Target and Roth's Dress For Less which made it a super affordable project (the entire transformation cost under 50 bucks). After consolidating all of the boxes and bags we have so much more space!

   As far as the little touches which I'm all for, I put our canned goods 
in a plastic tote to save space.
     And added a coffee station instead of our coffee bags 
and filters floating around.

Then I decided to be really NERDY and label things....
From a magnetic strip, I cut out small pieces and covered them with paper, labeled them, and placed them on each lid. SIMPLE.
On the bottom shelve I got spiffy baskets and clips ($1 each) for all of the miscellaneous mixes and teas and used the same paper.
So happy with how it all turned out and it was worth the time! Now to keep it that way =)


  1. Wow. What a transformation! It looks like a different pantry. What a great idea. You make it look so easy. I love the step by step pictures.