Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kiddo Corner

I'm back! My blog had a  little new years makeover and I'm happy about writing again. Recently, I shared the transformation of my kitchen pantry which to me was nothing shy of a miracle because of the "before" state it was in. What I'm even more excited about (yes I get elated about these sort of things) is the hidden kid friendly element to it. You see the girls got gobs and gobs of magnets for christmas in addition to the ones they already had so I wanted to create a space for them that didn't take up our entire fridge. So on the inside of the pantry door I made a little station....

 Love all the colors and the re-creation of what used to be an old cookie sheet! More specifically, a VERY well seasoned (Ok. Homely.) cookie sheet that I covered with fabric. This was a super easy and quick project.
After modpodging the fabric on, I glue gunned heavy duty velcro on the back edges of the cookie sheet as well as the door (after a failed attempt hanging it with screws). It will be fun to do a few different designs that can be interchangeable.
Next was tackling their markers that had made their home in a plastic bin in the pantry. What once was neatly contained WITH matching lids (imagine that) had become a free for all. The problem was nearly 3/4 had become useless and dried out.

So we went from this...
Downsized to this...
My mommy concerns were a) the jar was glass and b) getting the markers in and out easily. After the kiddos used the markers day in and out this past week, those concerns were eliminated. In fact, they seem to actually enjoy putting them away more (insert question mark here).
Aren't the little things in life grand? I'm thinking YES.