Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sukiyaki Night

Sukiyaki has become a tradition that we have woven into our little Karraker family throughout the years and have by far created the most memories around the dinner table. Which translates into lots of happy hearts and tummies!
Perhaps I should explain...Sukiyaki night isn't just a meal for is an event. Unlike most dinners, this one is a process and coming from the heart of a very impatient person,  I can tell you it is always worth the wait to make new memories. The best ones start out with a trip to the local farmers markets to get loads of FRESH ingredients. I have to say we are far from being on an "organic" kick and never pay a penny more at the store to invest in organic food but the truth is picking out your produce is fun and that much tastier.
Then comes the making of the noodles. When the time permits, John and the tykes bond over pasta making (someone has to take the pictures!).
Fast forward a few years...and the tradition is still going strong.
Then funnest part is cooking each ingredient right in the middle of the table in a community "hot pot" including your raw meat and sukiyaki sauce.
For those of you that want a play by play you can check out this basic recipe
Don't forget you will need one of these- a table top gas burner. Just make sure you have a large room and ventilation with windows and your set!
Best meals and memories ever. Now I'm hungry...

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  1. I love the before and after pics : ) So fun creating our own traditions!