Thursday, January 26, 2012


We already established in my last post that I found a bench that rocks my world and now it has found a home in the entry way! Here is our new inspired nook.
(As a side note it is also a great place to have some home brew after you help your wife hang things. You need to know this.)
It's nice to have a place to hang up our keys! Let me rephrase that- where I can FIND my keys and thus sanity in mornings (Pat. Pat. Patting back now). We bought this hanger gadget years ago from IKEA and had never found a spot for it and with some black paint it was meant to be. The photos are my favorite of the girls that John had printed on canvas last Christmas. Sigh*
Threw in a chic owl I found for $5 and a corner shelve (also 5 bones)...
And made a big pillow to match. I smile knowing that the bench is filled with little shoes that are no longer crowding the doorway. 
It's a simple fix to the front entryway clutter. 


  1. And to protect shoes from destructive puppy chewing.

    Looks really good!

  2. Very true! Mochi does love his shoes!

  3. And I look good sitting on it.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks D! Thanks for sharing Nadine's story yesterday. Love her little girl heart.

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  6. It's so you! I love it! And your anonymous husband looks very nice sipping wine on it : )

  7. Love your little corner you created together...very functional & chic!
    The bench seals the deal:0