Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our New Addition

This is Mochi. And just like the japanese dessert, he is rather sweet and squishy! I have NEVER quite understood people's obsession with their pets....until now. I officially get it. I AM A SUCKER. Our little pug is our new baby.

Isn't he stinkin cute!
But just because I've caved in and have succumbed to being a mushy dog lover, I at least had to do it with some dignity. I wanted him to have a little mod nook so I dragged my culinary genius husband into his kitchen to choose a cabinet to sacrifice and transform into Mochi's doggy lounge.
So we negotiated and settled on the cabinet next to the dishwasher that we used for cutting boards and I took off the door and got to work.

 We had to do a little hunting to find a rod that would fit such a small space and settled on a tacky gold and white one that I spray painted black (of course).

I sewed the curtains out of a tablecloth that we had wanted to re-purpose for years but didn't know what for. It was perfectly fitting and a little rock n roll I might add.
The end result has become his napping haven!
 I'll have to post pics of the inside with him in his cush bed (I sewed it out of a fuzzy blanky). Last but not least, check out the doggy dishes because frankly they are just that cool.


  1. We too have fallen for your new addition ~Mochi~ to your Fam :) It took Papa a little longer, but after Mochi took a nap with Papa>>>he was hooked! Sucker:):)

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  3. My heart smiles when I read all of this! I think I fell for Mochi since he fell asleep in my hands. BTW- super good pics. Plus I love your color combo on here.

    1. Yep- he loves his auntie! Glad you like the new layout. The purple and green remind me of home. Very us =)

  4. So fun today (1/20). Ruby half sings half talks when she's playing with her dolly. So she's telling dolly "night-night" as she cradles & rocks her. Then puts dolly to bed in Mochi's cupboard & carefully arranges the curtain so it's a good place for dolly to sleep.