Monday, December 12, 2011

Projects 101- Before and After

The beautiful thing about a laundry room is that when it gets too messy...I can just close the door. How often have I done that in my own life? Too much if I'm honest with myself! So I'm opening the door. Oh yes. At it's worse.

There. Do you feel better?

We painted the room grey and added yellow accents. I say "We" because it truly was a family affair which meant even the little one in diapers was having at it with a little paint brush in hand. The idea was to make it more modern and more importantly FUN.

I knew I wanted plants that would preferably survive without a lot of natural light. Ok- well no natural light. I'll let you know how that goes but for now they are my cute  little plant munchkins!

Instead of keeping things all matchy match, I added some flare. I mean who wouldn't love looking at the clash when doing mundane laundry? Don't answer that.
Next was tackling our utility shelves....


Since we don't child-proof our cabinets (or anything for that matter), we have to have all of our cleaners and meds high enough that Ruby can't reach them. But our shelves also were becoming a place for miscellaneous storage (as evident by the old video games, VHS of 200 cigarettes, and of course what everyone needs- a fuzzy lamp)...Drum roll......


Now we have cleaners in one tote and meds in the other =) We painted the shelves and trim black to pop and I spray painted the fabric bins a brighter yellow. I'm stoked to start having extra towels in the laundry room and to have a more functional space.


Love this design. I used a stencil, paint, and a permanent marker to define the edges on yellow paper. As far as deciding to paint JOY on the wall- I just went for it.

I'm planning on blowing up all of our photo booth pics but for now this one is my fave.

This is wrapping paper (with felt designs) that I simply put over canvas.


I spray painted the covers of the
light switch and outlets. By the way after spray painting yellow so
much I felt like a big banana.

Next on the list is installing a funky light and getting a real rug...the black one in the pic is John's father's day blanket from the girls that I'm "using" (shhhh). What do you think? Is there a room that you're inspired to redo? After all, who doesn't love a good before and after!!!!

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