Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baby Sensory Board

Exposing your little one to a variety of textures and sensory stimulation, sensory boards are not only classified as educational, they are wildly entertaining as well. What's great about this project is that you can use items that you already have around the house! The main thing is providing things to look, touch, and feel- soft, bumpy, shiny, rough, etc that can be fixated down securely. As with any play, you want to make sure you give them plenty of time to discover the different things on their own but with direct supervision.

How to get started:
Poke holes in sheet of cardboard & securely tie ribbons & pipe cleaner
(make sure there are no rough edges)

Supply List:

  • Cardboard sheet, Hot glue gun, Stock Paper
  • A Variety of ribbon, Pipe cleaner, Leash (shortened)
  • Zipper, Fake flower , Fake jewels
  • Foil, Fabric swatches, Pinwheel
  • Magnets backed with foam sheet
  • Pom-Pom balls

Cover with stock paper
Fixate flower with hot glue after poking through cardboard
Add fabric swatches, foil "mirror" & pom poms
The J & ? are magnets that I backed with foam for safety before
hot gluing them on
Remove the top portion of the pinwheel, poke through the cardboard, and glue securely.
Trim the pointy edges of the pinwheel so they are rounded 

The Finished Sensory Board:
It has been such a hit around here that the older girls wanted to make their own boards too! We will have to share what they came up with as they used things that were challenging for each of their age (preschool & elementary). I may just name them Bored Boards!

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