Monday, October 5, 2015

Mermaid Birthday Party

Better late than never! In the Spring (ignore that we are now entering into Fall), Ruby kicked off her 5th birthday with a mermaid themed birthday party. I still remember her zeal after the party AND her sugar high. It looked like this:

Because what's a party without a treasure chest full of chocolate coins, gems, and jewelry?!?
The hope chest normally stores the girls dress up clothes but ended up working great as a treasure chest. All it needed was a pillow to prop up all the treasure and keep it from sinking to the bottom! The last touch was a piece of scrap gold fabric to give it some flare.
We gave the girls a map that big sister made and hid the chest in some bushes outside. It was quite the hit with the ladies.....


I have to say that this was the funnest activity not only for the party but something that our girls did OVER AND OVER. Hide the treasure. Find the treasure. Hide the treasure. Find the treasure. Fight over the treasure. Truce.

Before the guests arrived, Nevaeh helped me bury a grip full of diamonds (craft warehouse find) and gems (from the dollar store) in our sand box to have guests dig for treasure.
With all the goodies hidden, the kids spent forever tried to find their treasure and each had little bags to put them in to take home. The only thing missing was a bigger sand box!!!!
PEARLS (chocolate covered raisins)
 This cake cracks me up! We added shell rings around the rim to try to help this poor cake but there was no helping the mermaid. She looks like she has seen better days lol

For the wall back drop I used two sea table cloths (dollar store) and mounted them on the wall. I'm a big believer in using hall ways for art projects!
Each kiddo had a mermaid to decorate & a cup of sticker jewels to decorate their sea mural
The gigantic jewels were actually wall decals that and came on sheets (12+ to a sheet from the dollar store) that were cut out individually. They went for it until the wall was covered. We may have left it up for a week. . . or two.
And of course what's a party without a tan mermaid? Ha!

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