Sunday, May 6, 2012

A gift idea for all you slackers. Oh wait. That's me!

Motherhood. The most incredible precious indescribable wonderful difficult beautiful mind-blowing love ever known. Realizing this same whirlwind is what your own mother experienced when raising you, brings you that much closer doesn't it? Happy soon to be mother's day!

As much as I have had a vendetta against fake flowers, once I discovered you can make a bouquet/centerpiece noncheesy (unlike the sappy intro to this blog), I've been hooked.

What really makes it unique are the lighted branches which are actually battery operated. To assemble is a synch which is always a perk in my book.

Step 1
Fill the bottom of the vase 1/3 full of moss or choice of filler
Step 2
Take each of your lighted branches and combine them with a few flowers. Securely wrap any excess cord from the branches at the bottom of the flower stems, creating a miniature bouquet. Repeat for each lighted branch you choose to use.
 Step 3
Assemble your flowers

 Step 4
Add the remainder of the moss around all of the sides and middle of the vase until the branches are no longer visible. Shift the battery packs of the branches towards the top of the vase to easily turn them on/off.

Step 5
Add your finishing touches and voila!

The perfect gift for the women in your life.