Sunday, May 27, 2012

Herb Wall- Part One

FINALLY. This has been a project that has been a long time coming! As you know, I love transforming spaces...especially a blank wall.

There were two areas in our kitchen that were starving for attention and functionality and we knew just what we wanted to do with them. The problem is I had way way too many ideas of how I wanted to go about doing it! How about we just skip that boring process for now:

Meet Our Hippy Herb Wall
 The windows provide the perfect lighting and having the herbs we cook with within arms reach just makes sense.

DIY Planters
After searching for the perfect planters (which were either an hour and half away or way too expensive) I scored these buckets at Target's dollar booya section. Wait- that's not what it's called?

Remove the handles from each bucket

Drill a small hole approximately one inch from the rim
File any jagged/sharp edges from the drilled opening
Paint several coats allowing each one to dry in between

 Mount each bucket onto the wall by screwing them in place.  
Next, add your soil and herbs which is the fun part!

Wacky Labels
All it took was a strip of chalkboard paint to label each planter.
But then I discovered that you can make labels out of popsicle sticks just as easily! The owls were actually from a necklace that I purposefully bought with the intention of reusing the cute pendants.
Being the sucker that I am, I used both labels for different herb varieties such as the cinnamon basil.

It's a tad over the top which is why I love it!