Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mosquito bites

Sisters. Love- hate-LOVE. It's already starting. As obvious as it is from this picture Ruby looks up to her big sister Nevaeh. Even though they are opposites in every way, I'm sure she even wants to BE her big sister at times.
At least I know that I wanted to be like my big sis. Like wanting the curve bang wave thing that my sis pulled off back in the days of grunge and plaid. Questions like how did the hair spray hold it in this perfect shape all day and how she was able to brush her hair for such long periods of time occupied my 10 yr old mind...I wanted to BE her. More accurately and in every way profoundly, I wanted to grow up and get boobs. I remember crying to mom telling her my woes and dread of having "mosquito bites" FOREVER (can you guess where that nickname came from?).
 Attempting to keep it together...
Several attempts later = final serious pic
A shout out to you sis. Thank you for sharing your room with me growing up as I know how much of a sacrifice that is. For singing nerdy songs with me at night when I couldn't fall asleep. For playing with my hair and drawing shapes on my back. For warning me about boys. For making writing in a journal look so bad A. For being tough and showing me the ropes. For introducing me to REAL music. For all the times you let me tag along and adopt your friends as my own. For bringing me to some of my first shows and letting me mosh. For ALL of the joy rides and the times I forced you to take me places (admittedly in the middle of the night). For inside jokes. For being there. At my worst and at my best. At my wedding. Holding my newborns. You are so incredibly strong, thoughtful, and courageous and even after all of these years....I still look up to you and wouldn't mind being a little more like you.
From your little sis- A.K.A mosquito bites

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