Friday, February 3, 2012

Taking one for the team

John is with the band on the outskirts of Seattle and I am on home duty having a moment of well deserved couch time. At last. Yeah I've earned it. How bout you? Enjoying some much needed downtime by now?

To my left is a set of Thor headphones which I can't help but look forward to sport while I watch some mindless project runway reruns. Don't judge me. All around me- puke. On the carpet. On the kitchen floor. In the sink. Pretty much everywhere. I cleaned and sanitized but it's very much still lingering as well as the aroma (Poor sick kiddos- wish I could take it away). That's not all folks. I took out the bathroom trash to find it full of liquid which spilled all over (legs. feet. floor). Surprise- toilet water! Nevaeh had dropped a whole roll of toilet paper into the potty and fished it out- by hand. Confessions of a 5 yr old. 

So in light of my oh so glamorous night, I would like to COMPLETELY change the subject and write about something bright and clean like my new rug. I've found some rad ones that I wanted for the laundry room (an ongoing project that we've been working on here and there) but didn't want to spend the mula so I improvised and made one!


Start out by finding some great fabric and a rug pad around the same size that you want your final rug to be.
I looooved this print but wanted it to pop a little bit more so I used a permanent marker to outline the shapes and create a pattern.
It gave it so much more contrast!
I sewed the fabric and the rug pad together with some THICK batting in-between so that it would hold it's shape. 
To finish the edges, I sewed a border of black fabric to tie in the black and yellow in the room.
Best part- No puke. 

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  1. You make me giggle! Love the rug and the no puke inspiration.