Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Anti-bored jar

It is officially spring (Insert large question mark here ?). With the snow and rain the last few weeks that is in question but what is not is how easily it is for kids to get bored when stuck indoors. The same old toys and books no longer seem as enticing to the youngsters as watching tv (think yo gabba gabba and bob the builder. think netflix. think plucking them away from these shows is like trying to yank a baby kitten off her mothers teet. less offensive then other analogies I came up with). Which meant it was time for a little creativity to get us all excited about fun activities for everyday days.

Meet our adventure jar. (bored jar)
Granted the quote was to make mommy happy and it does!
We made a list of a bunch of free and everyday activities for at or near the home for whether we are stuck in doors for a sick day, snow day, or the littles are just plain bored. We threw in some fun ones such as having a squirt gun fight or to "camp" indoors as the idea is to change it up a bit. First I printed and laminated the list so they would last and could be re-used.

To pay tribute to "spring", I used plastic eggs to hold each surprise activity.
Who doesn't love little surprises?
After a long spiffy day in the snow...
We put it to the test and it was even funner and more practical then we thought. Sweet!
Here's to life's many adventures and misadventures =)


  1. I love this idea- yay to adventures and misadventures! Someday I will copy you : ) And do you have your own laminator?

  2. Isn't it nerdy? Office depot is the best laminator =)

  3. Looks exciting-I think I'm interested in participating! G-ma

  4. How do you come up with all these ideas?

  5. What an adorable take on the bored jar idea! I love the eggs :) I'm making a bored jar RIGHT NOW!

  6. Thank you Kelly =) It's worked pretty well! I too am a fan of eggs year round lol