Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toddler Bday Bash

 Planning our youngest daughter's (Ruby Rox) soon to be birthday party brings flashbacks to each stage she's gone through thus far. She is going to be 2. A toddler. You know, a preteen in diapers. Last year we did a ballet sushi party (didn't you know ballet and sushi go together?). . .

Of course she was too busy eating treats to join in most of the twirling action.

The girls had wands and tutus to choose from
along with sparkly pink and silver cupcakes.
As for the adults, we munched on real sushi and sipped bubbly (a necessity for a 1st birthday party). But the biggest hit was this candy sushi!
I would show a full "tutorial" but the reality is these are too easy to make for that!

Small Rice Krispies Treats
Fruit Roll ups (green apple resembles seaweed the closest) cut to strips
Swedish Fish
& Haribo raspberry candies cut in half (red and black)
Candy Sushi Goodness

Now back to planning a yo gabba gabba rainbow dancey dance party (which of course all goes together too!).

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