Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddler rave

Couldn't help myself. Over the weekend we had so much fun doing a rainbow Yo gabba gabba toddler dancey dance party for Ruby's 2nd bday party! It looked more like a toddler rave with all of the lights and glow sticks but that's besides the point. The point is it was rainbow and it was fun.

Pinwheels, DJ glasses, jello, lollipops, and goldfish crackers were among the festivities.

The "DJ Lance" glasses were 3-D glasses from the theatre that we pushed the lenses out of. Admittedly, I had fun sporting them. Maybe too much fun. Yeah I was the kid that WANTED glasses and braces and had neither. Wow. Glad I got that one off my chest.
The cake was a collection of cupcakes and no we didn't make it. Seriously genius as there was nothing to cut and it was so easy to hand out. As far as her gabba toys that I added, Ruby knew they belonged to HER and NOT her cake and removed them as fast as she could oblivious of the lit candles. Good to know.

Ruby sported her love of rainbow with her leggings that I made from a pair of my socks. Come on, don't you have rainbow knee high toe socks?

For added decoration, I used these plastic rainbow easter eggs
and had the hubby drill a hole through them 
(I tied thread and a bead on the inside of the drilled opening for stability).
and hung them from the chandelier for bling. Egg bling.
We had a coloring station and used the fabric covered cans from Ruby's room
The coloring pictures were made using different images that I collaged together and added a tummy on brobee, a rainbow, and then the words "there's a party in my tummy". The little ones then could use the stickers to put in brobbee's tummy (or arm or face or wherever they saw fit). Afterwards, we put on temporary tattoos (of course yo gabba gabba).

Then there was the Dancey Dance with lights John rented from a party store for the weekend ( $30 bucks for all of them). We covered each window underneath the blinds with black fabric to make the room even darker so the glow sticks would make even more of a statement.

It was a hit. Who doesn't love glow sticks and lights?


  1. Wow, you sure do know how to throw a party! What absolute fun! Can you adopt me? :) Cheryl Landis

  2. This is amazing!!! Sad to have missed the dance party.

  3. lol @ toddler rave.. GREAT party!! Quick question: where did you get the fruit stickers for the brobee activity?

  4. Thanks! It was super fun =) The stickers I found on amazon here:
    I simply cut each sheet in half so there were plenty to go around =)

    1. Sorry- looks like it didn't create the link. Easy to highlight and cut/paste the address to take you to it directly =)

  5. thank you! these are perfect.