Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Bookends

Yay for a project completed! This must mean that we are getting into our groove as a family of five!!!! I have to say though it is not quite fair to be slapped with the "I have a newborn" status as even though she is just two months old she has been the easiest baby in the world! Which merely means that it's beautifully chaotic only 99.9 % of the time with a six yr old and a just turned three old instead of 100% ha ha. But seriously, she makes the world go round with her cuteness!
It also means that I start and stop a project a gazillion times before it's actually finished. Why don't mother's have eight arms? Hmmmm Where was I ??? Oh yeah... the project.

I've wanted to make a pair of bookends for Nevaeh's "horse room" for quite sometime. My father in law was awesome enough to cut and create the bookends with two pieces of wood that he put together into an L shape (thanks pops !). Next was jacking two of Nevaeh's toy horses (*gasp) and getting to work spray painting them silver, painting the wood black, and simply gluing each horse on.
Plastic toys + wood + super glue = booya. DIY Bookends!
I used outdoor spray paint which created more of a marble effect up close.
Totally functional and cute for the blue room which is now Nevaeh & Ruby's shared room as of a month ago and I'm LOVING it!
Cheers to mommy projects.

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