Friday, April 19, 2013

The down-low on decals

Decals. They can transform a wall and thus a room instantly and if I had the choice I would plaster them over all of our walls...oh wait..... I ALREADY DO THAT! It started a few years back when we decorated Ruby's nursery. Just try to ignore the creepy naked baby doll in the crib. Better yet, let me give you a tour of the decals around our home:

A cherry blossom branch decal,

 that we moved from Ruby's old red room (which is now becoming the play room) to the girls shared room:
Pink flowers in the girls bathroom
And let's not forget about the tree, bird, and flowers that were in Nevaeh's old pink and green room (can you say Target?) before we painted it blue and the girls started sharing the space:
And then was the turning point!....decals are so expensive and almost a luxury so why not make your own???? So we put up a (YOU GUESSED IT- ANOTHER ONE) huge unicorn!
But this time I made the decal myself out of poster board!You may have read about it previously here. However, I want to show you a more detailed step-by-step on how to do your own beings that it is my second attempt (this time making an anchor and stars). Here is how to make these bad boys out of POSTER BOARD (they range from only $0.79- $1.29. Can you say cheap?) :
 These act more like wallpaper & are long-lasting. Make sure you love where they are at!                                                             

And last but not least (do you hear the drum roll) Here is a sneak peak into the new "playroom" with the nifty new anchor decal:
What would you want to create to transform your space? An owl? A rainbow? A branch? You can really make any decal you want!!!! And now you know how =)

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  1. Look at you so productive with a blog tonight! I haven't seen the playroom yet- the couch looks great in there. And what a fun pillow!